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David A. Vodicka
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  • Brian Bonner
    By Brian Bonner

    Global warming is junk science. Computers cannot know the future any more than most of us

    • deb
      By deb

      The "weather" computers cannot even predict today's weather... At least here they are 90% wrong. Our news no longer has meteorologists. They have "weather people". We have one woman who stands in front of the numbers for our area so you cannot see them. She is a strange person, she has no neck.

    • Violetfire
      By Violetfire

      There was a tornado 1 mile from my home Friday night and the weather people didn't know it until a picture of the house blown away showed up on Twitter. The News asked them if they could show the picture on their news show instead of actually leaving the news site to drive 10 miles and film it for themselves.